Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Our Getaway for 2

The view from our room looking west.
The view from our room on the top floor of the Victorian wing. So beautiful. (looking north)

Surprise from the Del, for our 20th we were celebrating. (even though it was last December!)They had commemorative bottles of wine for their 120th anniversary.

We got home safely last night from CA. The kids did great without us. I am glad. Sitting at the beach, seeing families made me wish our kids were with us. Then I am quick to remember sitting at the beach and seeing couples alone, wishing that was my man and me! Never satisfied?
I have never seen such huge Black Eyed Susans, I have only seen little ones in Oregon.

We rode bikes all around the island. And what are the odds of running into my good friend Amy Cavness on the beach? I couldn't believe it.

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Susan G said...

How fun for you !! Congrats on 20!!!!!!!!
I wanna see pictures of your kitchen!!!! Is it done?