Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mark Zeeman Visits

An old, dear friend of ours, not necessarily old, is in town and it was so great catching up with him. He and I worked together for many years at my old church when he came to ASU to work on his PhD in piano performance. He played the piano in our wedding almost 21 years ago now. About 5 1/2 years ago, he followed God's call to minister in Budapest with Calvary Chapel church there. God seemed to want to stretch him even further and he started a gospel choir! And he didn't even speak the language!
His first rehearsal brought to his surprise, 55 people and today there are more than 200 in the choir and band. They have traveled all over Europe and have even recorded 2 CDs.

Here's the website, hopefully you speak Hungarian!

The most amazing part, is that the choir is really an outreach to bring the Gospel to unbelievers. They love the music,the fellowship and community of the believers, and they are drawn to join. Isn't God creative?
Here they are on YouTube singing "In the Sanctuary". Mark is directing the choir, in his minimal style!

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