Sunday, April 6, 2008

Baseball Bonk

The first real injury for our little sports guy.

More to come I'm sure.

He put his glove up to catch a throw at first base, but whoops, it grazed the glove and got him on the noggin!

He was brave. He let mom sit with him in the dugout holding ice on it.....for a few minutes.

Coach said to keep ice on it so he wouldn't look like a unicorn.

All is well, but don't touch it!
You can't even see that it is a bump. Not very purple yet.
Happy spectators, that didn't even know he got hurt. I think that says a lot for my lack of over reacting! I ran to see if Jeff was okay and they didn't notice!


Family Gregg said...

I remember the days of baseball well. Lots of commitment, family. They will appreciate it.

Audra Krell said...

Steve has literally had to physically hold me back a couple of times when our boys got hurt playing sports. I've learned not run to them every single time, but this last time, in basketball, a another kid literally threw and flipped Mason through the air and nothin or nobody was gonna hold me back. After several minutes he got up and was ok.....I lost several years of my life however!