Thursday, April 3, 2008

Aperio: to open

It's April. New life is everywhere. In Latin, aperio is a verb signifying 'to open or to lay bare'. How appropriate for the name of the month when blossoms are opening everywhere. And the old song 'April showers bring May flowers' is somewhat true even here in the desert. We are always hoping for April showers, especially in August!

After the remembrance of Christ's sacrifice, giving all who ask, new life, may you see His creation as a gift of new life. Each season bringing a new start. A new blossom opening to what the world has in store. As the Latin verb connotates, when we are open, we are laid bare. We are vulnerable. But we have the gift of His spirit to help us face all that the world has to offer! Praise God!

So open up. Open your heart to all God has in store. Open your home to those in need. Open your eyes to see His creation and love those around you. Open your hands to give to those He brings to you and open your hands to Him. Holding lightly all the things of this world.

There are 4 colts down the street. Amazing.
Here is another one that shows how the little guy flips his tail. So cute.

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