Monday, January 28, 2008

She Brings Out the Best in Me

What a day today was! We have had so much rain, I was afraid I would not be able to go to the Homemakers office and do some taping with Donna. I kept allowing my fears to creep in.

Satan would love for me to give up, think less of myself, quit.

It was also the day I would start the French class at our co-op.

As I prayed about the day, a peace stole over me, reminding me that He has equipped me to do what He has called me to do.

Yes, I know He wants me to teach His Word to young women, Titus 2.

Yes, I know He wants me to teach our children, 10 years of doing that has confirmed that choice in so many ways.

I also knew a gratefulness that I have for this woman in my life. If you don't have an older woman in your life, pray for one. God will answer. Have no expectations when you pray. I think we are not flexible and open to whomever God brings to us sometimes. Maybe we have a preconceived idea of what she should be like. I do the same thing with friends that cross my path. And I'm always surprised if I just relax, enjoy them for who they are, and be myself. We don't always know what we need. Surprised?

I first attended Homemakers by Choice after having Alexandra. So that was in 1994. Even though I grew up in a Christian home, had babysat a lot, I felt overwhelmed with this new JOB, this new season, the new calling. However we look at it. Donna Otto is the founder and she is an author and speaker. But she has a place in her heart for young women. And I am blessed to be in that place in her life. So I began my journey of challenges and pruning, at the loving hand of the Father and through Donna. I led worship from the piano for many years, learning on the fly, how to change keys. I never did that before, I followed music. But she said it was too high, lower it would you Skoosan? She has since stopped doing that to musicians, understanding that not all can do that! I guess we helped each other.

We also began a journey of many years doing our annual Home for Christmas outreach event. Wow, I learned so much doing that.I love this picture of Jefferson (Broder Boy to Donna) leaning into Donna after our Home for Christmas event in 2004. He and Sammy Malouf have those cute little boy smiles.

Then I started teaching. Do you know what a blessing it is to have a mentor and peers that love you, giving helps and encouragement after you've taught? I can't begin to tell you. I did have a teaching certificate in French, but that's a different beast. I am always learning and wanting to improve.

I'm back to leading worship and doing some teaching and that brings us to today. The PODCASTING. If you go to you can download for FREE, her teachings. It's been quite a year, with many different guests talking with her. I think you'll really like it. Donna always amazes me at how she thinks on her feet. Practice I guess, not to mention the anointing of the Spirit. It's powerful.

She has been wanting to just chat and pick my brain about home, school, marriage, etc. And I needed practice thinking on my feet! Well, I guess I am now the 'resident mother' that will periodically stop in to chat. It was fun. And we didn't even begin to scratch the surface after 2 hours! It was like sitting at home talking over coffee. One of our favorite things!

First part: Why did Derrick and I choose to home school our kids?
Second part: Scheduling
Third part: What do I personally do to keep my path straight?

So tune in to OnePlace next week. I will keep you posted. Or tune in now and if you sign up (that is simply so Homemakers by Choice knows who is getting the podcast, you won't receive anything else from OnePlace) you can get a podcast every day AUTOMATICALLY to your iTunes. How cool is that?


Cate said...

Hi Susan! Thank you for your encouragement on my blog! We are settling in pretty well thanks to all of the prayers. We will be excited to hear your podcast! Let us know when it is!! Bless you!

E&E said...

Hi mom! yes i did write both poems. I hope you liked them!

BYE! Emma Tuten.