Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Lizzy Turns 8

My favorite pics of child #4. Elizabeth Ann Tuten. Born January 2, 2000 at 9:15am, 7lbs,6oz. My littlest bundle, that we affectionately called our Baby Burrito.

2 year old sister Emma was so happy to have a little doll to play with. So was 6 year old sister Alex for that matter! She carried her everywhere, giving everyone a heart attack.

I have no idea where Lizzy came up with the name "chacha" for her pacifier. But she sure loved those things.

I love this shot because it shows Lizzy's lack of fear. She's only 4 and she's not looking down to see where she'll land, but out, to see what she can see!

Lizzy loves music. Here she is singing at Christmas with her Nana Shepherd.

It was December 1999, and everyone kept asking me, "don't you want your baby to be born on New Year's, the first day of the new milennium?" Are you kidding? Everybody seemed so freaked out, preparing for some techno-glitch to happen world-wide. I want to have my baby when fear seemed to be determining what people did with their money and possessions and even stocking up on food? It was strange.

We quietly waited for Elizabeth Ann. Derrick, Alex, Dex and Emma. And our families.

We were trusting God's timing.

I did have a bad cold however. New Year's Day came and went. She wasn't due until the 7th. But January 2nd arrived, with contractions and a plugged nose. I couldn't breathe! I do remember Derrick swapping digital video camera stories with the anesthesiologist and my demanding to give me some attention, in the form of an epidural! It was a Sunday morning, and as usual, my folks chose to abandon anything they were doing, to be there. 6 year old Alex was very disappointed to not be allowed in the room to welcome Lizzy. The RSV alert was high.

She was our tiniest blessing at 7 lbs. 6 oz. Dr Eckel brought her to Derrick, saying she looked like a little Baby Burrito. She was so cute. I think Derrick held her before I did, then when I could finally get my hands on her, she started crying! "Daddy's for play, Mommy's for food" was always Derrick's saying. He had them for the fun part.

A 4th blessing, a little sister for 2 year old Emma. Busy Lizzy has been one wild ride for this mom, but I can't imagine life without her, and don't want to!

We love you little Lizzard.


Ginger said...

Happy Birthday Lizzy

Family Gregg said...

so sweet.

alex joy said...

i wasn't there when she was born and i didn't get to hold her until she came home. i was there for jeff and i held him first!

Rootin' Tutens said...

Thanks for the correction Alex. 5 births tend to blur together!

Donna Boucher said...

Our little girls are so close in age!!!

Happy Belated Birthday!