Friday, December 28, 2007

Cookies for Christmas

I am just learning to love and appreciate traditions. It seems every year I like to try something new and my kids bring me back to, "can't we do what we did last year?" It seems to be a touchstone in their lives, a security. The whole world around them is changing but our family will stay safe and secure.

Here's one of our traditions, baking cookies. Yes it is a lot of work, especially those stupid frosting bags with the little tips. Whose idea was that? I think it's the cans next year! But the cookies are pretty and it's the fun of getting together. Riiighhhht.
Baking with the Dunhams
Chris is asking Alex to step aside so he can show her how the master does it. Princess Master?
Sam and Alex, with lovely pot hats!

Baking with the Rays

Nana Shepherd and Emma dipping Buckeyes
Gingerbread House
Lessons from big brother


The Green's in Arizona said...

But, the cookies taste so good!!!!!!!

So much fun!!! What great memories!!!
susan G

alex joy said...

hello mom! did u c mt blog yet?