Sunday, December 30, 2007

"Coffee and Dog Hair...

Yes, here's the funny mug I had wanted and got! Here's a link, they seem to be selling out on many sites. I should get a commission! Everyone keeps asking about them. is where I got it, but they don't have it anymore. has sold out. Here's the link for

I didn't know there's a whole line of products touting the good of dog hair! Glad someone's getting rich on that little bit of farce! Here are a few:

"Cereal's better with dog hair" for your morning bowl of nutrition!

There's a website about dog hair uses: Here's my favorite
"Save dog hair and use as a coffee filter" May I ask why????

How about this one? Knitting with Dog Hair! Why not use the hair from the pet you love rather than a sheep you haven't met? Puhlease! Guess it's better than using the hair on hubby's back!

Check out B.A. Barker (get it?) for absolutely any object you can imagine, designed with and for dogs!

What is this world going to?


Lorri said...

OH MY GOSH I have to get this mug for my friend who is a DOG FANATIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU for posting this!! LOVE IT!!!

The Green's in Arizona said...

ok that is so funny! The book !i LOVE MY MUG!!!! You are the best! Everyone wants it!!!1
Love ya
Susan G

harada57 said...
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