Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Next Generation

Kim Larson (SBC's night worship leader with Sean Johnson) and her daughter Annaleise(both are amazing vocalists). Alex is on the left.Cool shades huh? It was pretty warm.
What an amazing week we had at the Saddleback Worship Conference. I expected nothing less. But I got even more. The variety of music and teaching was astounding. I never thought I could overload on music. It was powerful.We were hearing songs performed by the artists who wrote them!
I think Kay Warren (wife of Rick Warren) surprised and challenged me the most. She is on fire! To be a disciple of Christ, she challenged that we must be "dangerously' surrendered, "seriously" disturbed and "gloriously" ruined. The one I really clicked into was being "gloriously" ruined. In the sense that, once your mind is set on Christ and the things He has, all other worldly things pale. They don't matter any more. They don't hold the satisfaction they once did. Praise God! I want that!! We need to HATE evil as God does. It should sicken us when we see it in the world.
Thank you so much for praying for us. Alex and I had such a sweet time. I hold her lightly in my hand, not knowing what God has called her to. But that all things are seeds planted. I pray for fertile soil in her heart and good seeds. I'm thankful for those speaking into her life like those who went to the conference with us. They made her feel so welcome and comfortable. But also challenged her and asked her questions about what she was experiencing. I'm praying for the next generation of worship leaders in our church body. How can I help train them? What am I modeling for them in my life? Actually, we are all worship leaders. If worship is a lifestyle, then we are giving Him worship every day, in all we do and say.
May you keep your eyes on Him this week, giving yourself as an offering, a living sacrifice.

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