Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Summer of Letting Go

Yes, home schoolers do celebrate graduations! And we had a beautiful evening Friday in downtown Phoenix at part of the new Convention Center. There were some amazingly talented kids that performed. Hello, Rachmaninov, Debussy on piano and violin, just to mention a few. A girl did sign language to that beautiful Mark Harris song, Give them Wings to Fly which talks about us giving them roots and helping them find their wings. That's when my tears came. I know she is just starting high school, but the process of letting go is a gradual one, and I'm feeling the pull.

Lord, help us prepare her for what is ahead, and give us Your wisdom and grace that we will need to prepare us.

Another year of encouragement and challenge, as we spent 2 days at the Annual Home School Convention. Again I am reminded how the world's goals are not God's for our children. The chief end of man being to GLORIFY GOD and enjoy Him forever. The world is preparing their children for a good, well-paying job, status. Security in things of the world. Accomplishing all they can, being the best in all they do, so that they can be secure in their future. What pressure! But God sees the heart. Pleasing God in all they do will reap a lifetime of success, but maybe not as the world knows.

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Ginger said...

What great kids we have! Love you guys