Thursday, July 5, 2007

My Firecracker Baby turns 12!!

4th of July, 1995 was the birth of a big boy, my second child. It was terrific, if you can say that about births. No drugs, quick, and yes, painful, but wonderful. He has been such a delight. Always happy, always challenging me and always thinking and questioning. God has truly blessed us and the world will be blessed too, that's my prayer anyway.Papa and Nana Tuten with the kids

Tutens, Shepherds and Hamlins all joined us for the 4th/Dexter's Birthday. Swimming, BBQing, eating and talking. I didn't want them to leave. We miss having the Rays! Hope CA is relaxing and fun!
Papa Shep and Dex

Nana Shep and Lizzy
Anissa and Elliana

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Ginger said...

happy belated birthday from the
Dunham. We miss you guys! Check our blog for new pics in Oregon