Sunday, June 10, 2007

Toothless Chanteuse

This was a special weekend for Miss 7 year old Lizzy. She has now lost both front teeth, one at a time, and the 2nd one went down the drain but Daddy saved it. So, toothless, she sang her first solo in church today at Scottsdale North! Oh, it was sweet. Along with Dex and Emma, they sang He Knows My Name and she ended the song with her solo. I am so grateful for the experience our kids receive. But actually, you'd think she had been doing it for years. She had the mic right in her mouth, looked straight ahead and was very confident and happy. Even though she looked so tiny up there. Derrick seems to think we have a Prima Dona. We got in the car and she immediately asked if SHE could pick where we eat lunch as she explained what she did different in the 2 services. Yikes!

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