Thursday, June 7, 2007

Jake Graduates!

"What did you do at Aunt Susan's today?" "I pulled de weeds" said 3 year old Jake. Yep, he was over a lot when he was little. I even traveled as Aunt Nanny a few years when he was young. Lots of sweet memories. He's a young man now, not the gray one in the pic, that's my handsome brother. And God knows what his future holds, but I know Jake trusts God with his future. Like his dad, he is talented in many areas. But he COOKS! He slapped a huge amount of poultry with his secret sauce, onto the barby for us last year. Computers, guitar, modeling,writing and even pottery I hear, are things he more than dabbles in. And give him a great book or movie, or both at the same time, and he's happy. Jake, we are praying for you and anxiously await what God will do in your life, more than you've ever done!

Dad, Jake, Steve, Sheri, Emily, Mom

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Zeal said...

Thanks for the cool words, sis! Love your blog and pics. It's definitely in my top 3 of sister blogs.