Saturday, June 2, 2007

Arizona Cousins

My sister and her family live in Ahwatukee. Their 3 boys are 13, 11 and 5. 2 of our boys are a day apart and a week apart. That amazes me. No, we didn't plan it!! But they are so fun to be with. My sister's husband is an MD and they are involved in a ministry that goes to Mexico every month for a day, and they work in a medical clinic. He has been working on his Spanish for as long as I can remember. Our little part is having the boys stay with us. We do things like see "Pirates", yard work, games and swimming. Aren't I a fun Aunt?? Actually, Derrick is to blame for the yard work, but I think they'll even get paid!! I love having them in our lives.

Emma & Lizzy, Harrison & Dex, Nate & Jack, Alex & Jeff

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Laura K said...

Awwww.. cousins are wonderful, aren't they? I tell my kids that "Friends will come and go, but your cousins are your cousins for life!"