Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Not Wrong, Just Different

We are coming up on our 20th anniversary and I can't believe how much I still have to learn about this amazing man I'm going through life with! Our home fellowship is doing the Love and Respect DVD series and I am so grateful we can share with other couples. The 'not wrong, just different' concept really opened my eyes. God made us different from each other and I am consistently glad. What if he was the spender, the talker, the emotional one? Our lives would look so different. We would never save, listen to each other or have a grip on reality, just to name a few differences. I'm always finding more.
Alexandra wanted to call her dad today (she is 14 on Friday). I asked her why and she said she needed help in Algebra. Well, I could help her! She politely said, Mom, you have a completely different way of working the problems. I was shocked, after getting over being hurt! Really? To me, there was just one way,my way! Oh, how humbling home schooling can be.
Thank You Father, for Your creativity in forming us. You know every thing about me and You know what is best for me. I rest in You, knowing I'm in Your more than capable hands. Thank You for this man that is continually amazing me with his talents, insight and love. I pray we grow old together. Your Daughter


family gregg said...

so i'm gonna call you next time we are on the "crazy cycle" so you can talk me down.

michele said...

I love this and am so impressed that you are up with the technology! Didn't know you were a Michael Buble fan either!