Monday, April 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad

  • 69 years young
  • loves and plays with his grandkids
  • continually searches God's Word
  • faithfully teaches
  • enjoys good coffee
  • appreciates music
  • diligently cares for himself and mom
  • challenges all those who will listen
  • cares for his church family
  • digs into languages and meanings
  • will drop what he's doing to help
  • builds and fixes and smiles at the future.
This is my dad and there is none other who plays this role in my life, and does it so well.
All that God knew we needed. Love you Dad.


KRay said...

Ditto, to a wonderful dad. There is no one else that can fix everything quite like papa! Love you too, your other daughter!

JJS said...

Can't read the purple on blue but know it's there. Such lovely, kind words. I'm not going to blog but I love to comment--more next time

Mom of Five said...

Is that you Mom? What purple on blue? The blog is green!