Sunday, July 25, 2010

Notr' ami de France

C'est Romain and his sister Pauline, in France.
He came to stay with us, alone, from July 5- 24. He will be 13 in October.
Our family wanted to make his visit memorable and one that depicted life in Arizona and life with a God-loving family.
We aren't perfect. And he saw us in our every-day situations. Brothers and sisters do fight!

We visited a candy factory in Glendale, Arizona (Jefferson 8, Zachary Morelock 8, and Romain)

My cousin Sharon Stevens with Romain. Her dear husband Gene passed away while Romain was here. It was Sharon and Gene that were the reason Romain's father Frank came to the USA 25 years ago and it was Sharon's idea that he stay with us. We are so glad he did!

We visited the Grand Canyon and went quadding with our friends, stayed in a cabin for 4 days, hoping to escape the heat, but it was actually quite warm for Flagstaff.
The kids even went horseback riding in Flagstaff the weekend before, it was much cooler.

He went to church with us, we had friends and family over and went to friends' houses too. He saw Toy Story 3 with my mother (the boys went to The Sorcerer's Apprentice) and Despicable Me. We have a lot of DVDs at home too. He was very hot and we tried to do a lot inside, but he really loves it outside. We went out to eat a lot, went shopping (video games are much cheaper here) went to a country club in Mund's Park (thanks Harrises). He was a part of our daughter's send off to Africa and part of our family's worship time. He saw how we try to have a garden grow in Az! He experienced our LOVE for storms and rain which he completely didn't understand. They have so little sun in Paris.

Romain swam almost every day, played basketball and soccer (futbol), watched the World Cup and played video games. His father really wanted us to go about our every day routines with Romain here,we don't have much routine in the summer of course, and we had so much fun with him. He was polite and easy to be with. His English was absolument parfait! We hope to go to Paris to see him soon! And yes, I cried when he got on that plane, tout seul, alone.

Adieu notr' ami. À bientôt!


simple living said...

how fun, susan! what is "quadding"?

Seven's Heaven said...

Driving quads, 4-wheelers