Sunday, July 4, 2010

My #1 Son is 15 Today, the 4th of July

Me with my sister Karen, very pregnant in 1995

I had a 2 year old girl, she was soooo easy. Played well alone. Never cried. Loved stories and music. Well-meaning people said, 'wait til you have a boy'. Then came my 'fire-cracker baby'. I had been walking every single morning. Nervous about having gestational diabetes with him, I ate extremely well and exercised. Gained about 15 pounds total. Felt awesome. He came 5 days early. The day after my sister had her 2nd baby. Our deliveries were eerily the same. Even rented the same movie to watch the night before, didn't watch it, didn't know! We even both wanted epiderals and they didn't come in time, but in hindsight,that was the best delivery I ever had.

Charles Dexter Tuten arrived 2 hours after I arrived at the hospital, at 9 pounds 8 ounces.

And he was soooo easy too! He'd sit for hours and look at books during his 'room time'. What a happy baby. I rarely remember him crying. And his big sister took care of him if he did.

At 2, yes 2, because his papa and nana were watching him while I was at the hospital having baby number 3. His papa asked him if he was ever afraid of storms. He thought for a minute and made his own sentence. "yes, storms scare me." To a linguist like my father, this was quite remarkable.
That is my word for you Dexter. Remarkable
And I pray God does remarkable things in your life.... for HIS KINGDOM,
in you and through you.
We love you.Harrison and Dexter (4 years old)With his little brother Jefferson (8). My brown-eyed boys. So handsome.

This year, we sent him for a week with the Mohlers in CA. Here he is with Clayton in Disneyland in 08 I think. I know being with Clayton is the best birthday present ever! Thanks Mohlers!


familygregg said...
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familygregg said...

Happy 15th birthday Dexter!!!