Thursday, July 9, 2009

Just in case our kids in North Dakota miss us!!

Saying goodbye July 1, Alex (16) Dex (14 on the 4th) and Emma (11) head to North Dakota
Jefferson misses his sister.
Sheri's office/apt. Quite the community/complex at Irvine Spectrum. Gorgeous.
Jefferson taking time to draw bunnies.

Doheny State Beach. Always needed room for bat and ball.
Playing pickle at Dana Point.

My 'almost 8' youngest, still wants snuggles
Oceanside Pier

Oceanside pier. Lunch at Ruby's Diner
My brother Steve's daughter Emilie (left)
One of 4 pools
Balboa Island, Wilma's, a favorite
Tried to stop and see my cousin Bruce at the Marina, but he's on vacation. The nerve!
Nice to take Daddy's car! Cheaper too.


simple living said...

This "summer change" is PERFECT for your pretty beach pictures!!!! I LOVE the interior picture you show here! Looks like a place i would love to spend some time!!

Pamela Lee said...

I put pictures up on Pam's blog for you! We do miss you!

Alex Joy said...

i put pictures on my blog too! both of them