Tuesday, July 28, 2009

East Coast Road Trip

The kids covered composition notebooks to make their personal travel journals. Can't wait to see them at the end.

What would a hotel be without a pool to cool off after the hot drive?

My cousin Cindi in Springfield Missouri.

A picnic in our room after swimming

My wonderful folks, Blueridge Parkway

Make your own cones at Golden Corral

Every time I tell someone I am traveling with 7 kids, they give me the strangest looks, trying-to-be-polite smiles. I don't care. I'm NOT crazy. I'm so happy we are doing this. My only wish would be that my man was along. But having my folks come has been wonderful. To have the 2, 14-year old boys sitting in their car, talking about anything and everything, is nothing short of great preparation for life! The things they can glean from their grand-parents cannot be measured.

To see the 7-year olds reading for hours on end is amazing to me. To have all the boys helping with loading and unloading, and arranging the car without their dads over their shoulders is a great lesson.

To have my 16 year old, with her permit, driving and taking risks and learning from them, is a beautiful thing.

We left Friday morning July 24. Spent that night in ABQ, the next night in OK City, visited my dad's only sister and 2 of my cousins in Springfield Missouri. Kept heading a little north and slept in Lexington Kentucky but we were too late to see Lincoln's home. It's okay since we'll have 2 days in Williamsburg. I have never seen so many thickly growing trees as in Kentucky, West Virginia and Virginia. Thousands of acres, covering hundred of miles. And to think God gave us this beautiful earth to have dominion over and most people live on land the size of a postage stamp. Something's wrong with that picture!

Williamsburg for 2 days. More to come!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your trip! Love the journals. How creative. I'll be praying for you.

simple living said...

how fun, susan! what a beautiful part of this country!! can't wait to see more of your travels! be safe and have fun!