Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Scott's back in Scottsdale

If you missed Scott MacIntyre, the AI contestant from Scottsdale,  on Fox 10 yesterday, you can click here to see it and watch even more today. He's doing amazing, so excited about the summer tour and writing more music. This Saturday at his home church (and mine) he will be giving a 'thank you' concert at 7pm at Scottsdale Bible. You look great and we love ya Scott!!

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Tanya said...

Oh, we loved him! I'm not even that into idol anymore! Wierd, huh? Every time he was on, or mentioned, I would say, "oh, I'm blog friends w/ a lady that goes to church w/ him and sings w/ his family" guess I was bragging a bit. What a testimony he is, huh?