Sunday, May 17, 2009

Our Last Hoorah at Disney

Our last trip to Disney for a while. We treated the kids to the Blue Bayou in Pirates which they've never been to. (no we didn't throw dinner rolls to the passers-by in the boats behind us, even though they asked us to. I told them I'd throw a ball of butter though)

We booked 2 rooms (since we are 7) at the Grand Californian. I didn't rest easy until Sunday because they couldn't tell us if we were even connecting. They have really cool bunk beds with trundles and a queen, and we had them connecting! So we could really sleep 10. What a blessing. The only drawback, and it wasn't too bad, was all the construction. They're building a whole wing and the tractors were right by the pool. But hey, what are headphones for? We were only at the pool one day while Jefferson was sick.

Our room over looked the pool and we could see the Ferris wheel and California Screamin' from our room. One afternoon, we took a picture of the 3 older kids on the ferris wheel, from our balcony! If you click on the picture you can see them. They're in the purple car.

Lizzy gets hug from Brother Bear (the dumbest Disney movie ever) at Storyteller's Cafe Character breakfast.
A huge breakfast buffet and these strawberry tops are all that's left of Jefferson's breakfast.
The new part about It's a Small World is that there are Disney characters in it now. Kind of fun to look for them but some still have dorky doll faces. What's that about?
We had preferred seating for the Aladdin show. What a hoot!

Of course seeing the Mohlers has been a tradition and highlight of our year at Disney. Jim celebrated completing radiation by coming to Disneyland. He's doing so great and we continue to pray for more time with him.

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Tanya said...

wow, what wonderful vacations you have! what a blessing. oh, i agree w/ you about brother bear being the dumbest movie; I'm fan of the classics myself! Wonderful memories! Great pictures!