Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Grimm never looked so good

What a fun afternoon, seeing the fruit of months of work on Little Red Riding Hood and The 4 Little Pigs. They made their own scenery, had dialogue to memorize and songs to sing. Then parents and grandparents converged on the 'scene' to support and encourage the budding thespians.

Dawn making up the scary wolf. Nicky did a great job!
Dexter keeping an eye (or a hand) on 2 year old Emma Grace.
2 of the little pigs were quite blingy! (the photo will enlarge if you click on it, they're hysterical!) Jefferson (far left) and Cameron were the narrators.
Lizzy was Little Red

And the final bow.


familygregg said...

WOW! If I do say so myself....that wolf is lookin' gooooood!

It was great to have all the grandparents there. And the dads too.

BJ and Sami Hendricks said...

Thanks for putting pictures up! Nick looked great!

Pam said...

this is Pam