Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mommy/Daughter Retreat

My folks have a beautiful condo they share with family, friends and those who just need a respite. It is such a blessing. We've never stayed in it until now, and it's so much better than a hotel because we don't have to check out at any certain time! There's a fountain outside this bedroom window which is what lulled me to sleep and woke me up this morning.
Here's the other bedroom. I think that was Emma's favorite part, having time to herself. She shares a bed with her 9 year old sister Lizzy at home and this was a real treat.
This retreat was a time to talk about God's plan for a woman's heart, mind and body. Why stay pure before we get married? How do we treat our bodies as His temple? And how to rely on God's Word throughout our lives, making good habits as a young woman.
We had lots of fun together. Watched Jane Austen movies, did mani/pedis, plucked eyebrows for the first time (okay that probably wasn't a high point), jacuzzied and had our favorite snacks all to ourselves.
This is a look in from the patio.
Thanks Mom and Dad for a little 'home away from home'.


Susan G said...

How sweet!!! What a wonderful trip!

Tanya said...

wow, that's amazing. what an awesome time. how old are your girls again? Did you take a whole weekend? what a blessing!