Monday, January 12, 2009

The 9 year old's birthday continues... in CA

I have no idea what Lizzy is singing. But doing this ride twice in a row (someone had stood up, so the operator thought he'd do us the honor of going around again!) was WAAAYYY too much for me! I love tea, but not IN the teacup!
Jefferson and Daddy had no idea this rocket was so fast! We've never done this ride!
Emma (11) Sammie (Dunham) Hendricks, Dex (13) Alex (15) Chris Dunham (19) Michael Dunham (17) . The 3 Dunhams drove over for the day from AZ, a little sibling time. Sammie and her hubby live in Virginia. We miss them!

Lizzy gets chosen for Jedi training, then gets a shock to see Darth Maul come out with Darth Vader! It was quite exciting for the young padawan.
Look at her getting Darth Vader to rise to the challenge. She did NOT choose the dark side!
Lizzy meets Tinker Bell at Pixie Hollow
Who would send their 7 year old on California Screamin'? Actually, I don't know how many times he's been on it, but he still looks a little nervous!
Lizzy and I got very wet on Splash Mountain.
Dexter (13) passes up 16 year old Emily Mohler!! Alright Dex!
(he's gonna kill me for the hat-head)

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