Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Baby is 7 Today

7 years ago, we had moved into this house on Mother's Day and I was due August 24 with my 5th child. It was quite a summer I must say. My first summer in Arizona with a pool. Yes, I suffered as a child. (Little did I know how much work they are) We were in the pool every day I think that summer. It was a novelty for all of us (except my Mr. Man) It felt so good to be weightless! I remember Jefferson always moved around a lot when I'd be in the pool. Little did I know at the end of July, that he would go breach on me! First kid of mine that did that. My Doc was confident he could turn him even at this late stage. After being admitted to the hospital, getting all wired up in case of delivery, the ultrasound showed that Jefferson had flipped back around. To the answer of many prayers and a grateful Mom.

I won't go into labor stories here, almost Labor Day, ha! But he was a week late and a whopping 10 pounds. Unbeknownst to the Doc. And we're so happy he was fat and happy!

Last year Jefferson didn't want to go to Hawaii for his 6th birthday. See pics HERE, he wanted to go to Peter Piper Pizza. So tomorrow, he will have his wish!

Tried getting that thumb in farther!

Turning "2"

At 3, singing the "ittsy bitsy spider"
His Pirate birthday party-3rd
His 6th birthday in Hawaii.


Susan G said...

Happy Birthday jeff! We are lucky to have you as a friend for Connor!!!

Have a GREAT day!

familygregg said...

Happy B-Day, big fella!