Thursday, August 21, 2008

Aaah, squishy under foot.

The short pile with the tiny squares is in the hall, stairs and living room downstairs. I think it will do well on high traffic areas. The other is in the bedrooms and is really squishy and won't show spots, not that anyone sneaks, I mean eats food upstairs!
Before, eewwwww
After, aaahhhh

What a long day. 10 hours the carpet installers were here. Yesterday and this morning until 9:30, we prepared. Clearing off dressers, nightstands, bed linens, closet floors and under beds. We have WAAAAAYYYYY too much stuff, even for 7 people!

But I am WAAAYYYY too tired to go upstairs and get my camera to download pictures.

If I can get to the tub, that's my first priority right now, and at least the beds are reassembled and ready for sleepy time...

Pics tomorrow!

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