Friday, May 11, 2007

Love You Mom

Last year in March, my sister, mom and I celebrated! We had tea at the Ritz. In London! Wow! It was an early Mother's Day because we were celebrating Mom's end of chemo and recovery from breast cancer. Don't we know how to have a party? And we are grateful God gave us more time with her. She is a huge part of our lives and our children's lives and especially my father's life. My mom is Mary in a Martha's world. She touches everyone she meets. It doesn't matter your station in life, your situation, your appearance or anything else. You feel valued when you are with her. She will feed you, but more importantly, she'll sit and listen to you at any time. She chooses the better thing.

Mom, I am so glad you are in our lives! I look forward to having many more teas with you.

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Ginger said...

What wonderful things you said about your sweet mother. And everyone of them are true. She makes you feel special when you are with her. My sweet Emma is laying on the quilt that she made for her right now. She made me feel special by making that for our new baby. I am so glad that you had that special time in London with your Mama. Happy Mothers Day Susan and Mama Shepherd!