Monday, January 31, 2011

No Love Like This

Alex had sprained her wrist while snowboarding in Utah with the Swindlers, January 13 or so. We hadn't had family worship in a month or so and have certainly missed it! Tonight was so sweet, singing and having a time of edification. And then I spontaneously recorded this song Alex had written last year. I LOVE the hymn she added at the end. Hope you are blessed like we are! (you'll have to pause the music in the Louis iPod on the right)


Boy Crazy said...

Wow! She's amazing! New follower here! Seven kiddos....WOW!!! I love how you said in your "about me" that you are "working on liking cooking". Me too! lol Check out my blog if you want. Love meeting new homeschool mamas!

tori said...

That is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!
Alex- you have an amazing voice!! i guess i've never really heard you sing along before! wow! you're great!! Great Job!!


White Winder said...

beautifull :)

franimagination said...