Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My First Miracle Baby is 17

Alexandra Joy is 17. Her middle name is also my mother's. The word says it all.

She brings joy into my world every day....
with her smile,
her tender spirit,
a rub on the back,
outstretched arms for a hug,
her willingness to dig in and work,
her love for her siblings,
a head resting on her daddy in church,
playing for hours on the guitar or violin,
a request to watch Jane Austen with me,
with her thoughtfulness for others' feelings,
with her eagerness to see what God has in store.

Lord, help me be the mom she needs, to be the daughter You need.Easter 1994. Yes dorky hair and matching dresses! Poor girl. She looks like she's in pain!


simple living said...

Aww!! pretty baby and beautiful young lady! my sweet sister's b-day is the 13th - must have been a good day for making sweet girls!!

Jenny said...

What a beautiful young woman she is and so well loved. I love tribute like the one you shared where so much can be shared in just the snippets of the dear person she is. Happy birthday to her.

Anonymous said...

You are so sweet! You are adorably cute in the photo's Alex!

Alex Joy said...

thank you momma i love you

Rayanne said...

First let me say...your daughter is beautiful, what a lovely young lady!
I just came over by way of Homemakers by choice. So I wanted you to know I'm so glad I found your blog.
I have three blogs.
One for art
one for prayer
one for homemaking.
I am trying to support homemaking the best I can here in blog land.
I would love to follow your blog.