Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Thankful Heart

My sister and her family of 5 came over today, my in-laws and my folks. It was a small group of 17. It was a little strange not having any 'outsiders' this year. But it just didn't work out. I was so happy to 'let my hair down'. We have so much fun together. Each and every kid too. Jackson (8) said, "your Aunt Dee is so friendly". She played Hide and Seek in the dark with them. Wow, she IS cool! The food was superb, but really, the company and conversation was the best part.

For boys over 6 feet, basketball is something you do in your sleep.

Harrison showing us some 'classical moves'. You should hear him rock on the electric!

"Can we play ball yet Harrison?" Dex

Just getting started.

Me, my mom and my sis

what to do on a swing set? (Emma 12) Aunt Dee taught her to ride her bike with no hands! That's her claim to glory today.

Jefferson is seriously recruiting his cousin Jackson for Pop Warner. (no way!)

What does a 16 year old do on a swing set?

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