Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Week Two at the Beach

Alex and Emily. See how far out the tide is? In the morning it's up to the wall and rocks.
Mirm and me
Clayton and Dex

What a gorgeous week this will be. But strange to go outside, look down the way, and no friends here! Missing them. But this is a great time for just us. We will get caught up on school and enjoy being outside IN THE SUN. Yes, in the sun. I don't enjoy being outside in the sun often. We had the Mohlers (minus Jim) on Friday and maybe they'll come back this Friday too. The Sheps are coming down tomorrow. Emilie turns 10 Friday!! I'm reading a couple good books, Thoene's 10th AD Chronicles book and Chan's Crazy Love.

Tutens, Doans and Krells! What fun! Not a fair picture of Dex. I pushed him down, he's actually my height!

We have a picture like this every year I think. 9 years!!!

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Patty said...

Great pictures! My husband and I usually go to the Central Coast to Pismo Beach but would really like to find somewhere closer to home and yet breathe in that glorious ocean air..would you mind telling me where you stay? If you would prefer, you can email me. My address is on the side bar of my blog.

I always enjoy the pictures you take..
Blessings, Patty