Monday, August 3, 2009

My Nephew is a Married Man!

Jake awaits his beautiful bride Amanda Janowski

Dex (14) Emma (11) Alex (16) Cousins Nate (15) and Harrison Ray (14)

Cousin Jackson Ray (7) Lizzy (9) cousin Emilie Shepherd (9) and Jefferson (7)

My folks will celebrate their 50th next year. What a wonderful legacy they have given us all. Jake had their wedding picture on our table at the reception. So sweet.

Sheri and Steve are missing from this picture. They were busy but we have a pic of all 14 of us with 4 Shepherds and Amanda.

The 9 cousins. Shepherd, Ray and Tuten

My brother Steve with his daughter Emilie and wife Sheri Rose

I love this picture of the seven year olds before the wedding.

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