Friday, April 10, 2009


My family is in town. It's hard to plan our day for me. I am grateful for this time with them but my spirit is also tugging me to reflect, ponder, glory in what Christ did for me on this day.

Suffering I will never know because of Christ.
Love I can never fully comprehend, because of Christ.
Eternity with Him because of Christ.
Power available to me through the Holy Spirit, because of Christ.
An advocate for me before the Father, because of Christ.
Peace available to me, when the world is in chaos, because of Christ.
Love for my husband and children, even when they're unlovable, because of Christ.
A passion to tell the world, because He died.....

but the best part...... all of this is mine...........because HE LIVES!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I'm a mommy to 5 also :) It's seems to be a more common number lately!

Have a blessed Easter Weekend,