Saturday, March 14, 2009

Annie Moses Band

Our family and several friends too, went to see Annie Moses Band tonight! What a great time that was. I wanted to dance and play with them. It's a family with 6 kids, age 25 (Annie) down to 11 I think. And the father is the arranger, composer, pianist. They play violins, viola, cello, harp, keyboards, mandolin and sing. Their style is really undefined because they play all types of music. They are classically trained but play jazz, country, swing, gospel, quite an eclectic mix, but most important of all is their message to the next generation and beyond. That you are a child of God and He loves you and has called you according to His purpose. They are encouraging parents to instill a love of music in their children which is being lost in this generation.

Here's a link to their Fine Arts Summer Academy

And here's their YouTube Channel

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Patty said...

What a blessing that must have been...I could be jealous!
Blessings, Patty