Friday, December 26, 2008

A Day of Family

My precious gifts from God.
SAANNNTTAAA!! He's coming!!!

13 year old cousins

7 year old cousins

This year since there would be 22 of us together, we did a gift exchange with a theme. Everyone had to bring a gift that cost $15 and had something to do with Entertainment. So the big 'steal' item was of course, iTunes gift cards. Good thing there were 3 of them because you could only steal an item 3 times. There was a great Springbok puzzle (which we're still doing) a travel Scrabble game, books, kitchen gadgets ( oh well, not really entertaining, but cute!), music and the Dark Knight was a big 'steal' item too. Lots of laughs and fun.But the highlight for me was my 70 year old mom playing Rock Band!!! Rock on Nana!

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